The Big Data Foundry®'s mission is to help organizations realize their self-service analytics vision to connect and engage everyone in the organization and the ecosystem to find answers to complex business problems, enable rapid experimentation, and develop solutions that make a difference.



Challenges and Drivers

With more than 25 billion connected devices in the next 5 years, it is going to be a daunting challenge for organizations to glean data insights from these new types of data at unprecedented scale, volume and speed to determine the right data-driven decisions and actions to take. With aggressive digitization driven by the “Internet of Things”, data has become more accessible and ubiquitous, contributing to the rapid demands of “big data environments”. Data will continue to grow at an incredible pace and new technology options will continue to emerge at a much faster pace. These new technologies, while enabling organizations to pursue new business goals, can become a bottleneck to progress. In addition to these technological complexities and time-to-value challenges, there are also significant roadblocks to the organization’s ability to adopt and adapt big data and analytics capabilities across the enterprise.

No organization can afford to ignore this digital transformation. Instead, by embracing a culture of a data driven enterprise, enabled by the power of advanced data analytics techniques such as machine learning, enterprises can make smarter, faster decisions for their business and its customers, and actively disrupt their industry. In addition, ad hoc data exploration capabilities and simplicity are becoming necessities to ensure competitiveness in the connected world. Machine learning techniques can aid a company in learning from past customer behaviors, predicting future customer behaviors, and segmenting consumer behavior in an optimized, market friendly way, as well as many other possibilities

Assembling the infrastructure and tools necessary to facilitate this transformation as well as finding experts to build these machine learning tools and pipelines is not easy. Development costs, social engineering issues, access to new technologies, risks and concerns related to data governance, and scarcity of resources are obstacles on the path to realizing the data-driven predictive enterprise. Many enterprises can benefit from environments that will help them rapidly on-board their data and allow them to gain quick insights from data to realize their opportunity.

Self-Service Cognitive Intelligence Cloud

Enables enterprises to deliver self-service cognitive intelligence platform to empower their employees and partners to make faster informed decisions.It’s important for businesses to sense, analyze, interpret and quickly act on data insights in today's hyper-connected competitive world. The BDF helps organizations with reference architectures, data scientists and tools that reduce technological complexity and deployment costs.

Data Sciences Innovation

With the BDF, you can engage world-class data scientists, data engineers, cloud experts, innovators, and ethnographers all in one place to help you discover new routes to revenue and profitability in your organization. Organizations no longer need to delay exploring and implementing new Big Data technologies as the BDF, as a strategic transformational partner, can help them realize their goals.

It's about making ideas happen

Spend less time worrying about infrastructure and more focusing on your business problems.

Open Innovation

Enables enterprises to deliver data driven infrastructure to empower their employees to sense, analyze, interpret and act fast on the data insights.

Rapid Experimentation

Brings collective expertise and technologies to help enterprises experiment and scale new ideas with reduced risk and time-to-value.

Tools and Algorithms

All tools and technologies you need to connect, explore, experiment, and validate your hypotheses and problems.

Reference Architectures

Pre-assembled reference architectures enable enterprises to validate their business solutions on target reference architectures before investing in these complex tools and technologies.

All Things Big Data

Helps organizations effectively realize their desired outcomes by helping them to double down on their analytics efforts in data automation and by embedding insights in the decision-making processes.

Subject Matter Experts

Provides access to world class data scientists, data engineers, cloud experts, innovators, and ethnographers all in one place to help discover new routes to revenue.

You are in Good Company

Quantiply | PARC | Cisco Systems | Hitachi Data Systems

Quantiply Corporation

As cloud, big data, the Internet-of-things, analytics, and mobility continue to disrupt every aspect of business and society, enterprises want the ability to rapidly develop and deploy data-driven micro-services and applications. Quantiply saw this emerging trend and assembled industry leaders PARC, Cisco, Hitachi Data Systems to develop and support a data sciences open innovation platform that will enable creation of reference architectures, applications, and data-driven micro-services that will have major impact on business and our everyday lives. Quantiply is also committed to enable both public and private sector digital transformation excellence via our breakthrough KPI-driven enterprise digital genomic mapping and insights solutions and we are very excited about the overall BDF vision.

Surendra Reddy CEO, Quantiply

The Big Data Foundry is a great opportunity for the collaboration of leading technology organizations investing in data-driven solutions to rapidly deliver breakthrough technologies. PARC looks forward to leveraging our deep expertise in data science, ethnography and anthropology with other leading data driven technology companies in the Big Data Foundry. Together with our Big Data Foundry partners, we hope to help others capitalize on this disruptive market opportunity and enable a new era of innovation in data sciences, machine learning, and sensor technologies.

Steve Hoover CEO, PARC

Big data is at the foundation of our services business and the business of PARC clients. PARC, along with partners including Hitachi, Quantiply, and Cisco, is taking the lead in assembling the Big Data Foundry, an open innovation platform, for data scientists from diverse industries to experiment, build, and test big data stacks to better address their big data problems at a very low cost. As big data becomes an integral part of the economy, my belief is that the BDF fills a much needed void in the industry.

Naveen Sharma Director, Computing Sciences Lab,
Cisco Systems

Cisco is pleased to join PARC, Hitachi Data Systems, and Quantiply to bring together the infrastructure, systems, and expertise to help enterprises develop solutions using big data analytics and machine learning.

Lew Tucker CTO/VP Cloud Computing, Cisco Systems

The Big Data Foundry is poised to be a melting pot of the best minds to rapidly create value around insights from data in the new world of Internet of Everything (IoE).

Debo Dutta Principal Engineer and Technical Director, Cisco Systems
Hitachi Data Systems

When we were approached by PARC about the Big Data Foundry two things stood out. First a reality that the intended diverse membership mirrored the variety of organizational competencies needed for any Big Data deployment. Second was the promise of using real problems to design realistic and repeatable architectures. Both of these facts meant Hitachi Data Systems could participate in activities that returned beneficial innovations to the market.

Michael Hay CTO & VP, Hitachi Data Systems

HDS is excited to be a partner in the Big Data Foundry to create a shared innovation resource where customers, partners and communities can benefit from the activities and outcomes. As the breadth of activities occurring in the Big Data Foundry grows and expands we believe the outcomes will be invaluable.

Scott Nacey Sr.Director, Product & Business Strategy, Hitachi Data Systems

Sounds so strategic to my organization.

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